Home World The cold snap partially froze Niagara Falls

The cold snap partially froze Niagara Falls

The current historic cold wave affecting the United States has completely transformed the site of Niagara Falls, located on the Canadian border. The blizzard and freezing temperatures partially froze the waterfall and left the place with a thick layer of snow, reports the HuffPost.

This winter spectacle could be captured by many tourists present on the site and several videos have been viewed tens of thousands of times on Twitter. However, it is almost impossible for Niagara Falls, by their width and power, to be completely frozen. In places, however, the cold caused a partial fixation of water.

A critical situation in the state

The water in the falls begins to solidify as soon as temperatures drop below 5°C for several days. This situation had already occurred in 2019. In history, the site has completely frozen over only once, on March 29, 1848. The tributary had been blocked by a huge block of ice, creating a dam which had interrupted the falls for two days.

In parallel with this paradisiacal spectacle, the situation is still critical in the State of New York, where the Niagara Falls are located, reports TF1 News. Since December 22, the icy storm affecting the country, described as the “blizzard of the century”, has killed 27 people in Erie County alone, in the west of the state, and more than fifty in all. the country.

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