The Cobra and its 19 sunpoles were safely removed from the steel plant

In India, according to Hindu beliefs, the snake has the status of a snake god, so the cases of keeping them safe and caring for them also come up frequently.

According to foreign media reports, the endangered cobra snake and its 19 pups were safely removed from the steel plant in India, the pictures of which are going viral on Indian media.

The presence of a cobra snake and its cubs was reported in a steel plant located in the Indian city of Visakhapatnam. In view of the danger, a specialist in catching snakes, Rokam Karan, was called, who caught the cobra snake from the premises of the steel plant. .

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that the cobra snake is not alone but also has a good number of its snakes which are around 19.

When the news spread, many people came there to see the cobra snake and its pups and expressed surprise to see such a large number of snakes.

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