The coach the Philadelphia 76ers want to lead Embiid

Few centers are as dominant as Joel Embiid, recent NBA MVP, but in the playoffs it has been shown that he is not the leader that the Philadelphia 76ers need to achieve the long-awaited ring

After a new failure in the playoffs, it has been shown that Joel Embiid is not the leader Philadelphia 76ers needs. Not only because in decisive games he has not been the offensive and defensive beast that he has been during the regular season, but because his statements after the seventh loss against the Boston Celtics were very unfortunate. Some statements that could completely break the dressing room.

Many players, if not all except James Harden, were singled out by the Cameroonian center. And it is not the first time that he has happened, since he already publicly pointed out Ben Simmons two seasons ago, later causing him to leave the franchise. That is why Philadelphia 76ers want a new coach who will be the leader Embiid isn’t.

Philadelphia 76ers seek new coach for Embiid
Doc Rivers was fired after falling in the playoffs

Philadelphia 76ers seek new coach for Embiid

As we know, after failing for another year in the playoffs when they had a chance to reach the Eastern Conference Finals, Philadelphia 76ers have decided to do without Doc Rivers as a coach. The decision seemed logical, since the coach had not managed to take advantage of a great squad. A template that seemed to have everything necessary to compete for the ring.

Now, they are looking for a new coach. At the moment, there are three clear favorites to take the controls of the franchise, which desperately seeks to continue with ‘the process’, which seems to be giving its last throes. Something they want to avoid at all costs by hiring a proven coach in the NBA.

The 4 renowned candidates that the Sixers are considering

From what we have been able to learn in recent days, the main candidates to lead the franchise are Mike Budenholzer, Monty Williams, Nick Nurse and Frank Vogel. Except for the former Phoenix Suns coach, everyone else has a ring in their cabinets. But, paradoxically, this is the one that the franchise likes the most.

In Philadelphia 76ers they see a true leader in Monty Williams inside the locker room. A leader who managed to unite the Phoenix Suns locker room and who, surprisingly, has been fired after falling in the playoffs. Of course, it will not be easy to get his signature, since the Sixers’ locker room is a powder keg about to explode. Even more taking into account the irresponsible statements of Joel Embiid.

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