The CNTU asks to improve the country’s vehicle fleet

The president of the National Central of Unified Transporters (CNTU), William Pérez Figuereo, urged President Luis Abinader to improve the vehicle fleet of the country and do not wait until 2027, the date on which the removal of “scrap metal” is stipulatedcontemplated in the National Vehicle Technical Inspection Program (ITV), known as “Vehicle Magazine”, activated under a public-private alliance and the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant).

If we do not start now, President, to improve the vehicle fleet, it will arrive in 2027, then we will not be in a position, because 70% of the vehicle fleet is useless “said the trade unionist in an interview in Listín Diario on Wednesday the 7th.

He suggested that the State should create a plan aimed at public transport drivers so that the authorities accompany them to change their units.

“One has to shred those old units, replace them and help (the driver)”he pointed out, at the time of having encouraged the president to work on this plan now with the purpose of gradually replacing the old flotillas.

He ITV project aims to reduce deaths and injuries by road accidents by 50%, according to the authorities in charge of its execution.

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