The cleaning lady got a check for 1 million pounds, what did the maid do?

Cairo: A cleaning worker in Egypt returned a check of 1 million pounds, the honesty of the woman is being discussed on social media.

According to Urdu News, the honesty of the female housekeeper in the ladies club is being highly appreciated on social media in Egypt at the moment, who returned the check received during cleaning.

The female worker immediately handed over the £1 million check she found while cleaning the washroom to the club authorities.

Abir Ali said that she is divorced, working for a meager salary as a cleaner in the ladies washroom of a club to pay the expenses of her two young daughters and the house rent.

She said that while cleaning the washroom, she was surprised to see a check for 1 million pounds, more surprised that anyone could have cashed the check.

Abir Ali said that I did not think much, if I had bad intentions, I could have gone to the bank and cashed the check and solved all my problems, but I did not do that.

The management of Samoha Club says that the strange thing is that no one has come to collect the missing check so far, it seems that the owner is not yet aware that the check is missing.

Abir Ali says that seeing the check of such a huge amount, no wrong idea came to his heart.

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