The Clan del Golfo assassinated a Colombian police mayor and 41 other agents

The Clan del Golfo, a criminal organization led by Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, better known by the alias “Otoniel”, killed 42 Colombian officers during the operation to capture their leader.

“Otoniel murdered 42 policemen with his criminals from the ‘Clan del Golfo’, the last of them our mayor Edwin Blanco, who confronted one of his outer security circles,” the Colombian Police posted on Twitter, who assured that they had what select of the Special Operations Command.

Its members were deployed in three rings on the ground and during a fight with the third ring, the Mayor Blanco, alias ‘El Indio’, was killed.

“‘El Indio’ was in charge of all closing circles to take care of ‘Otoniel’ and received direct orders from ‘Chiquito Malo’,” added law enforcement authorities in Colombia through a tweet.

During the work of high intelligence and data correlation they learned how the human emails of ‘Otoniel’ operated.

They discovered that the great Colombian drug trafficker was fascinated by the armadillo, also nuts and well-cut meat; the entry was in cellars and it took several days.

Defense authorities said last Sunday that it was members of the Gulf Clan itself who gave information to obtain the capture of the leader of that cartel.

The Colombian Defense Minister, Diego Molano, assured that the reward that the Government offered for "Otoniel" of up to 3,000 million pesos (almost 800,000 dollars) and that the United States, where justice requires it for drug trafficking, will do the same with theirs, which amounted to 5 million dollars.

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Colombia is waiting for its president, Iván Duque, to sign the extradition after his capture, which he described as "the hardest blow that has been dealt to drug trafficking “in this century and” is only comparable to the fall of Pablo Escobar in the 90’s".

In the United States, he is required by an arrest warrant from a Florida court of 2015 for narcotics crimes and another from a New York court of the same year for participating in a continuous criminal enterprise and for narcotics crimes.

According to the EFE agency, said extradition will occur despite the fact that "Otoniel" In Colombia there are 122 arrest warrants and 6 convictions, including two of 40 and 50 years in prison, for aggravated homicide, homicide of a protected person, forced disappearance, forced displacement and illegal recruitment of minors.


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