The city of Nice launches the barometer of violence in the couple

The couple violence barometer is an awareness-raising tool aimed at both women and men, in order to determine whether their relationship is healthy or not. It aims to promote free speech and facilitate the reporting of physical, verbal or sexual assault.

This barometer, which comes in the form of a CD, is divided into three zones: green, orange and red. These three colors identify the relationship climate within the couple.

The green color “serenity” reflects a “peaceful, serene, habitual and respectful” climate.

The orange “alert” denotes a climate of “tension, crisis or explosion of violence” and the red “danger” illustrates an atmosphere that “puts your mental health and your life in danger”.

In each of these areas, the barometer makes it possible to objectively determine whether the relationship is healthy or toxic through situations: “The dialogue is easy with your partner, he / she listens to you”; “Your partner is watching you and criticizing you for not coming back on time”; “Your partner prevents you from going out, working or having activities when you want”.

The barometer of violence is downloadable HERE.

Since August 30, 2021, the 3919 (national listening number intended for victims or witnesses of domestic violence) has been accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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