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The CIA invites the Russians to deliver intelligence via the dark web

“The CIA wants to know the truth about Russia, and we are looking for reliable people who can tell us that truth.” In a video posted on Telegram on Monday, the US CIA on Monday enticed the Russians to provide it with intelligence about their country, targeting those unhappy with President Vladimir Putin’s policies. “Your information may be more valuable than you think,” she says.

The brief footage from the main US foreign intelligence service features a Russian official and his wife in their home with a child. The family apparently has a difficult life and wonder if this one matches their dreams.

Go through encryption tools

She suggests that the Russians can act to make things better by providing intelligence to the CIA, while remaining patriotic in her view. It also shows how to do this, using the Tor browser to access the “dark web” and communication encryption tools.

The CIA said it hoped to make contact with people working in intelligence, diplomacy, science and technology and the like, and was interested in all kinds of intelligence, including political and economic.

Convince those who hesitate

The US agency has used other social networks in the past, but is now focusing on the encrypted Telegram network, as it is the main way for Russians to learn about everything from politics to war. in Ukraine. The agency hopes that by showing simple ways to leak information on the “dark web”, the CIA will convince the hesitant to take the plunge.

“Our goal is to provide them with as secure a means as possible to contact us,” the official said on condition of anonymity. The United States is not seeking to provoke an insurrection or regime change in Moscow, but hopes that some Russians will see a way to help their country move forward by informing the CIA, he stressed.

According to him, similar campaigns on other social networks, most of which are now blocked in Russia, have yielded results. “Contact us,” the CIA insisted. “Perhaps the people around you don’t want the truth. We want it”.

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