The chroniclers of Santiago celebrate the 86th anniversary of the association

The Association of Sports Writers of Santiago (ACDS) successfully celebrated its 86th. anniversary where its president, journalist Américo Cabrera, listed the activities of the past year and presented his accountability, likewise, three new members were sworn in, last Friday night in an act held at his clubhouse Domingo Sáint-Hilaire.

The journalist Cabrera, in broad strokes, presented his accountability and supported, especially by his executive committee and other affiliates, listed a large number of activities carried out in 2022, as well as the participation of his representations in other important institutions and personalities Also, the interest shown in the training of its members and more.

Then, the oldest member present at the activity, sportswriter Juan José Tejada, swore in three new members, they are José Guillermo Saleta Rodríguez, Robert Cabrera and Miguel Ángel Guzmán, who later thanked the distinction and promised to always support the activities of the ACDS and continue working in favor of sport.

Next, the journalist Cabrera, surrounded by most of the members present, shared the biscuit alluding to the 86th anniversary of the ACDS, to the applause of those gathered there, who shared amicably.

To start the act, after the greetings of the master of ceremony, the sports writer Leonardo Pérez, said a religious prayer and the ACDS anthem was interpreted.


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