The Chosen One will evaluate the permanence of José Gómez as general manager

The Lions of the Chosen One will evaluate with a cool head what the future of General Manager José Gómez will be with the organization.

José Miguel Bonetti Du-Breil, executive vice president of the traditional team, announced that the fact of having been left out of the Round Robin for the second year in a row and of not having reached the final since 2015-2016, when they lifted the champion trophy for the 16th time , goes against the young baseball man.

“I have to be right here. We, Eduardo (Najri) and I want to give each other time, ”said Bonetti Du-Breil.

“Obviously, the result was that we didn’t win, we didn’t make it to Round Robin. It was a negative result that goes against José quite a bit. He knows, I have spoken with him, “he declared when interviewed by Héctor J. Cruz, Alex Luna and Orlando Méndez for the Sunday television program” La Hora del Deporte “, which is broadcast on CDN-2.

However, Gómez highlighted the work carried out by Gómez, whom he described as an important asset of the club that may continue to be related to the team in other functions, and the baseball operations personnel who assist him in signing players in the Rookie Draw and to hire imported.

He stressed that the long-haired ones were lucky to win in 2015-2016 with a nucleus of older players, but that they now have an excellent pool of young prospects, which augurs a promising immediate future.

El Escogido never had a young local nucleus that will be together for many years. It must mature. We achieved that, of course, ”he indicated to later emphasize that the leadership and mental state of the campus also have to work as pending tasks.

“We are not five years away from winning a championship,” said Bonetti Du-Brail, a member of the families who bought the team in 2009 and immediately had a positive impact because they put an end to a long streak of 17 years that it had. the whole without winning.

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“The imports that we have brought in this year, in the last three or four years, have been the best in the league,” he said.

When questioned about a possible return of Moisés Alou to scarlet management, he was cautious and said that he has never and will not leave the Lions.

“It will never go away. He is an important advisor to Gómez and me ”, he indicated about Alou, under whose reins the Chosen One won four titles (2009-2010, 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2015-2016).

Likewise, he did not elaborate on the hiring of Manny Acta for the important position.

“Acta is a dear person of mine and we speak almost daily,” he pointed out about the Seattle Mariners’ third-rate coach, who in the past ruled the Tigres del Licey, Águilas Cibaeñas, Gigantes del Cibao and Estrellas Orientales.

Regarding the change that led to the team, the future member of the Cooperstown Pavilion of Fame, Albert Pujols, a few days after the start of this edition of the Dominican Republic baseball tournament, he valued it as very positive.

“La Maquina” averaged .246, with one homer and six RBIs in 16 games. His on-base percentage (OBP) of .292, slugging of .344 and an OPS of .636

He revealed that when they said goodbye, Pujols, who stressed that he is a very educated and chivalrous person, told him that he wants to keep linked to the capital franchise, either as a player, coach, advisor.

He did not rule out that, in the future, he may even be a leader of the Chosen One, for which, he clarified, that he must undergo a learning process in order to be able to function as such.

He considered that one of the great evils that the team has had has been the instability they have had with the leaders in the last five years.


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