Home Sports The Chiringuito sharpens Simeone’s message to Joao Félix: ground-to-air missile

The Chiringuito sharpens Simeone’s message to Joao Félix: ground-to-air missile

From the Pedrerol program they have referred to the crossing of phrases that the Argentine gave about the Portuguese

diego paul Simeone The controversy regarding Joao Félix and El Chiringuito de Jugones has increased He has expanded the coach’s words giving relevance to the message about the club and its importance. And it is that in the last days, the Portuguese has elogió to the FC Barcelona, ​​assuring that there is where he wants to play.

Let’s remember that Joao Félix has a rather bad relationship with Simeone and in El Chiringuito they have always talked about the scenarios that this would pose. Clearly, the footballer would not continue in the mattress environment and on this, the coach has not kept anything in this regard. Pedrerol and company have set the networks on fire again.

Joao Felix beach bar
Simeone makes his position clear against Joao Félix

From El Chiringuito de Jugones they set fire to social networks with Simeone’s phrases about Joao Félix

In this way, the first sentence that they have launched has to do with the sense of belonging that the Argentine has towards the colchoneros. “Atlético is more important than us”, making it clear that the team is above everything and is a priority despite the situation that arises.

Likewise, El Chiringuito also gave relevance to the club’s values, something that, from what has been presented, Joao Félix does not comply with. “When we arrive there are values ​​such as commitment, humility, respect… Until the last day we have to give it”. Regarding commitment, it is something that has always criticized the Portuguese.

For Simeone, Atlético is above any player and will have no mercy on Joao Félix

Obviously, The publication of the program that is broadcast on Mega has left comments for and against. Many have thrown themselves in favor of the coach, since despite everything, he always defends the values ​​of the club and no name, no matter how talented, is more important. There are also those who say that the coach takes advantage of the situation.

We will have to wait finally for what can happen in this regard. At the moment, El Chiringuito is not saving anything and will continue with the controversy surrounding Joao Félix, who does not resolve his immediate future. For now, Diego Pablo Simeone is clear that he does not want to count on the midfielder because of his attitude.

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