The Chiringuito de Pedrerol starts a smear campaign against Isco Alarcón

From the controversial program they continue to throw darts at the Malaga

In The Play Bar follow the topic with Isco Alarcon after his passage to Sevilla F.C.. The space that is broadcast on Mega has started with a series of comments around the figure of the midfield player. The commentators have not lost a moment to talk about every word that the talented cash emits.

Let us remember that in the presentation of the Malaga footballer, he has given some somewhat controversial words. For this reason it is that immediately, from the program of Joseph Pedrerol An intense debate has been generated, which is clearly a smear campaign and which has only just begun. The second dart has been thrown.

Chiringuito Isco
The program has launched new criticisms of the Malaga native

From El Chiringuito they continue with the criticism of Isco

The first to criticize Isco in El Chiringuito was Juanma Rodríguez, doing it on social networks. Now, already on the set of the program and after knowing an uncomfortable question to the footballer in the framework of the final of the European Super Cup, there has been a second controversy.

The response given by the midfielder has caused outrage in the Mega space. Silvia Verde has questioned him about the team that wants him to be champion in the competition and has simply limited himself to saying: “if there is a Spanish team, then let it win”. What has not been well received by the madridistas.

The midfielder has not named Real Madrid, causing controversy

Several of the commentators at El Chiringuito have commented that Isco should have appointed Real Madrid and that this shows that the club went wrong. Either way, it was an unnecessary question and the space de Pedrerol has simply set in motion a plan to throw darts at the player.

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Without a doubt, what happened in his presentation and now in his former club’s game was the perfect occasion for criticism. Now, everything that the man from Malaga says or does will be in the magnifying glass of the tertulianos who will not keep anything. We will have to wait for the next move against the midfielder.

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