The Chiringuito changes its jacket in the Athletic elections

Mega’s program has changed preference with presidential candidates

The athletic elections are grabbing all the attention in these last days and in The beach bar they have also talked about who will be the new president of the team. However, as we have been able to verify in recent programs, in the program directed by Josep Pedrerol they have changed their opinion about who is the favorite to take over the club the next seasons.

Everything has happened after Uriarte confirmed who would be his coach if he won the elections. The chosen one has been Ernest Valverdewho is also the coach who would come to Athletic if Barkala wins the elections. However, in the last few hours there has been a change of preference and now they opt for another of the candidates, who has Marcelo Bielsa as a coach.

Athletic Beach Bar
Pedrerol and some of his collaborators have Bielsa as a favorite for the bench

The first favorite of El Chiringuito in the elections

At first, the Athletic commentators agreed that Barkala was the great favorite. They said it because, as they commented, his sports project was the most serious of all. But not only for that, but also because they took for granted that Mauricio Pochettino would be their coach. Something that was a key point to tip the balance in his favor in the elections.

However, in recent days we have learned that the Argentine coach will not take charge of the team, which has left Barkala in a very compromised situation. At this time, everything seems to indicate that his choice will be Ernesto Valverde, the same as Uriarte’s, so that only Arechabaleta has a different candidate on the bench. And that is very popular at El Chiringuito.

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The Chiringuito changes favorite to the presidency of Athletic

As we have commented, in the Mega program they have changed their minds. Josep Pedrerol has commented that Bielsa is a lot of Bielsa, the same opinion held by some of his commentators such as Rafa Guerrero, who has stated this on social networks. In this case, the collaborator has commented that Bielsa is the football of passion, implying that she is his favorite for the bench.

So, now the big favorite for El Chiringuito is Arechabaleta, because they want to see Marcelo Bielsa again at the helm of Athletic. However, and except for surprise, it will be Ernesto Valverde who will take charge of the team, since at this time Uriarte and Barkala start as big favorites. However, we will have to wait in case the surprise jumps and Arechabaleta rises with the victory.

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