The chilling image of Rebellin’s bike after the hit-and-run

The cycling world remains shocked by the news of the death of Davide Rebellin at the age of 51 after being hit while riding a bicycle around the city of Vicenza (Italy) by a truck whose driver fled after the event.

In the last hours they have appeared Images of the gravel bike that Rebellin was riding at the time he was hit, demonstrating the severity of the impact. Rebellin’s bicycle appears with a completely split frame and handlebars and a bent front wheel rim with a shredded tire.

Image of Davide Rebellin's bicycle after the accident that ended the life of the Italian cyclist at the age of 51.


Image of Davide Rebellin’s bicycle after the accident that ended the life of the Italian cyclist at the age of 51.Tommaso QuaggioEFE

“He left doing what he liked the most: cycling”

Speaking to Corriere del Veneto, Carlo, the cyclist’s brother, recounted how he experienced these moments of anguish and how he learned the sad news. “I tried to call him on the phone but he did not answer and I was worried. I called the Carabinieri and then went to the scene of the accident. When I arrived, his body was already on the ground, covered, and his bicycle was also totally destroyed.

Carlo Rebellin affirms that, despite retiring, his brother Davide continued to maintain that passion for cycling. “He left doing what he liked the most: cycling. After retiring she had not lost that passion, it was her great love. And so, that morning, she left around 9:30 to train for three or four hours before going home. She asked me to accompany her, but due to an unforeseen event, I couldn’t do it.

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