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The change of coach in the Lakers cools

The change of coach in the Lakers cools

The Lakers have improved the face since Frank Vogel was on the line. The resounding loss to the Kings, a classic rival in their division, with three overtime periods seemed to be the last straw for the franchise’s patience, but it was not. After that there have been three victories in four games, with the coronavirus affecting LeBron James only as a warning and the continuous ups and downs in the availability of the players giving way to a better game since the only loss was against the neighbors of the Clippers. The rumors that put Frank Vogel in the hot seat of the bench have calmed down not only because of the improvement that has placed them with a positive balance (14-13), but also because of what was commented on from high places also publicly.

In the classic against the Lakers, Jeanie Buss spoke. The person in charge of the management of the franchise attended Mark Medina to the official website of the NBA and in his statements he made it clear that we will have to wait a further time to make an analysis of how the season is going, turbulent, and if it could be improved by putting another in command.

“We are together as much as we can as an organization that we are”, Buss detached to finish admitting that his position is based on the fact that “Until we are 100% healthy I am not going to make any judgment on anything”.

In the summer, a prestigious assistant joined the coaching staff to replace Jason Kidd, now with the Mavericks, who could be the alternative if at some point it is decided to change course. David fizdale, formerly of the Grizzlies or Knicks, coincided with LeBron James in Miami and would represent a new option as the year of the Cavaliers Ring was Tyronn lue as a replacement for David Blatt.

Vogel had been asked before Buss about his future job. The coach said he felt supported by management enough not to fear being fired. “We are focused on work, trying to get on a good streak to improve our season.”stressed the coach, who added that such business decisions are not his responsibility.

The Californian team is going through a lot of problems to recover players and always has several inactive for each game. James, Davis, Ellington, Reaves, Monk or Horton-Tucker are some of those who have been forced to go through the infirmary during a first stretch of the season that only takes twenty-four games. There are still Trevor ariza Y Kendrick nunn for debuting this season.

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