Home Sports The Champions League candidate who dreams of signing Joao Félix

The Champions League candidate who dreams of signing Joao Félix

The Champions League candidate who dreams of signing Joao Félix

Joao Félix’s return to Benfica could be on the horizon. The talented Portuguese striker, currently in the ranks of Atlético de Madrid, has aroused the interest of the incarnated club, which longs to have his young star again.

According to the Portuguese newspaper Record, the president of Benfica, Rui Silva, is already taking steps to explore the possibility of obtaining the loan of joao felix in case offers from other clubs do not materialise.

The club that dreams of signing Joao Félix

After achieving the successful return of players like Gonçalo Guedes and Ángel Di María, Benfica now has its sights set on Joao Félix, who would welcome the possibility of returning home. The Portuguese striker has had an irregular performance both at Atlético de Madrid and in his brief stint at Chelsea, where he barely had opportunities to shine. A return to Benfica, where he became known as one of the biggest promises in football, could be the ideal scenario to revitalize his career.

Joao Félix joins the Atlético de Madrid preseason this Monday in the middle of a morbid reunion with coach Diego Simeone in Los Angeles de San Rafael. However, the relationship between the player and the rojiblanco club has not been the most fluid in recent times, which has led Atlético to consider the possibility of a loan for the Portuguese attacker.

Benfica, aware of this situation, sees in the return of Joao Félix a golden opportunity. President Rui Silva is determined to explore all options to bring back his former ward and is watching for any developments in the negotiations.

With the love of the fans and a familiar environment, Benfica could offer Joao Félix the perfect environment to regain the confidence and performance that catapulted him to fame in his early years in football. The Portuguese club is ready to do everything possible to ensure the return of its lost jewel and hopes that circumstances will align for Joao Félix to return to Benfica’s shirt in the near future.

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