The Champions League 2023-24 takes shape

Next Saturday, June 10, the 2022-23 Champions League will end, but next year’s is almost ready. Of the 32 teams that will play the group stage, there are already 18 decided. These are the ones that are already mathematically classified for the highest continental competition through their position in the league. Of the remaining 14, 6 of them will come from the qualifying phase. And the other 8 are still to be decided.

Atletico MadridSpain
real MadridSpain
Manchester CityEngland
Borussia DortmundGermany
Bayern MunichGermany
RB LeipzigGermany
RB SalzburgAustria
Red StarSerbian

Spain: Real Sociedad or Villarreal

The League has a place yet to be determined. That is the 4th place, which Real Sociedad currently occupies, and Imanol’s men are the closest to it after beating Almería on Tuesday. With 68 points, Villarreal has 63 and both have two games left to play.

The tie on points benefits Villarreal, because the tie-breaker in the League is direct confrontation and the people from Castellón have won it. Therefore, Real Sociedad is worth drawing the two remaining games or winning one of them in the event that Villarreal wins the remaining two games. If Villarreal draw or lose in one of the two remaining (Rayo Vallecano and Atlético de Madrid), they will have no options.

England: Manchester United or Liverpool

Everything seems to indicate that the fourth place in the Premier League will be Manchester United. Erik ten Hag’s men have 69 points and their rivals, Liverpool, 66. While United has two games left, Liverpool only one. The tie-breaker in England is the overall goal difference, which Liverpool have won, so two defeats for United and a victory for Liverpool would qualify Klopp’s team.

To the red devils They lack one point to guarantee their place and it does not seem that it will be difficult for them to get it. The two remaining games will be played at home and both against two teams that are no longer at stake in the standings: Chelsea and Fulham.

Italy: Inter, Milan, Atalanta, Rome or Juventus

In Serie A, the European positions are very open. There are five teams for two places. There are two league games left and everything seems to indicate that it will be Inter (66 points) and Milan (64 points) who will stay with them. The first ones need a point to close their classification. In the second, on the other hand, three points or that Atalanta does not win one of the two remaining games.

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Atalanta (61 points), Roma (60 points) and Juventus (59 points), they only have to win their remaining two games and expect adverse results from all their rivals.

Germany: Union Berlin or Freiburg

There is only one day left in the Bundesliga and Union Berlin (59 points) and Freiburg (59 points) are tied. The tie-breaker is the overall goal difference, which is in favor of the capital but by only 4 goals, so it would not be impossible for Freiburg to turn it around and reach fourth place if both win.

However, the situation is more favorable for Union Berlin. They play against Werder Bremen, now with nothing at stake, and at home. Instead, Freiburg has to visit Eintracht Frankfurt, that still has possibilities to reach European positions. Everything will be decided this Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

France: Lens or Marseille

Ligue 1 has two places in the group stage and one in the previous phase. Of the first, one is held by PSG. But the second is still up for grabs between Lens (78 points) and Marseille (73 points).

Lens could use a point in the two days that remain to qualify, because the tiebreaker criterion is the overall goal difference and currently they have won it against Marseille by five goals. But surely they won’t have to suffer so much to achieve it, because the next game will be at home against Ajaccio, already relegated.

Two places for the champions

In addition to these, there are two places reserved for the champions of the Champions League and the Europa League. One of the finalists in the Champions League (Manchester City) has already achieved his classification through his position in the league and the other (Inter) surely will also achieve it. Therefore, that place goes to the 12th Federation league champion in the ranking UEFA, which is Ukraine. With three games to go, Shakhtar (66 points) is the leader, followed by Dnipro-1 (64 points) and Zorya (61 points).

With the Europa League there surely won’t be that problem because Sevilla has no chance of reaching Champions League positions and those of Rome are very limited.

qualifying phase

The remaining 6 will come from the qualifying phase. There are five rounds that will be played between June 27 and August 30. There will be 51, 52 or 53 (depending on whether the champion’s place in the Champions League and the Europa League will go to a team with the place already secured or not) that will come into play in these rounds.

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