The Champions club, which is close to completing the signing of Echeverri

At a time when River Plate was breathing a certain calm after winning the Champions Trophy with a victory over Rosario Central, the panorama took an unexpected turn with the statements of Claudio Echeverri. Although the young talent confirmed his intention to stay at the club, he surprised by indicating that he would not renew his contract, which rang alarm bells in Núñez.

The information bomb exploded on ESPN, where Echeverri hinted at a possible exit, and the rumors are thickening. According to renowned transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, Manchester City are determined to secure the services of the great 17-year-old player. Romano revealed that the English club continues to push to complete the signing and continues to maintain contacts with both the player and the River Plate board.

Manchester City have completed the signing of Echeverri

Despite the interest from Chelsea, who remain enthusiastic about signing Echeverri, and the qualified view from Barcelona, ​​​​Financial Fair Play complicates the culés’ aspirations. Meanwhile, Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández had highlighted the young man’s talent after his outstanding performance at the U17 World Cup, describing him as a differentiated footballer.

The latest information suggests that Manchester City is progressing into the final stages of the operation and contacts will remain active on Christmas Eve. According to Romano, the English club are planning a similar deal to Julián Álvarez’s with River Plate, with Echeverri remaining on loan. The transaction would be completed in a package worth more than 20 million euros, confirming City’s strong intention to secure the young potential of Argentine football.

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