The champion Max Verstappen speaks without mincing words about the level of Fernando Alonso

The champion Max Verstappen speaks without mincing words about the level of Fernando Alonso

From the environment of the Dutch a quite clear position has been known to the performance of the Oviedo

This year 2022, max verstappen has become the Formula 1 world champion and in this way, for the second consecutive year, it has managed to take first place and, with it, has equaled Fernando Alonso as one of the pilots who has two championships. And with only 25 years.

Both pilots have many similarities in his career, since the two have been the best on the grid for two consecutive years. The Spanish was in 2004 and 2005 and the Dutch in 2021 and 2022. In addition, they have achieved prove your quality at the controls of a single-seater constantly.

verstappen alonso
The Dutchman is a great admirer of the Oviedo player

Max Verstappen is certain of what he thinks of Fernando Alonso’s career in Formula 1

In this case, Verstappen has fallen in love with Alonso. “Despite his age, he is a true fan and that is why he is in all this. He is one of the best pilots in history ”, he assured in the Viaplay documentary ‘Picture perfect’. A few words that show the good harmony between them.

And it is that it is no secret to anyone that Alonso and Verstappen have shown great complicity. That very good relationship perseveres between the two and they do not hesitate to give each other compliments. And that was reflected in the documentary, where he assures that they are great friends despite the generational difference.

Esteban Ocon was not so kind to the Asturian and took his resentment on him

“That will always be fun. What is certain is that we will have a lot of laughs. I have always held him in very high esteem. On the circuit, sometimes we were very close, but in the end we had a great time, ”he explained in the documentary about which he will be the team’s third driver in 2023.

However, they have not been all good words for Fernando Alonso in recent days. In the last few days, his former teammate, Esteban Ocon, charged hard against him about the workload that was in Alpine. In them, he accused the Spaniard that he barely received a workload.


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