The Challenge: The first Russian film made in space caused a stir

Moscow: Filmed in 2020 at the International Space Station in Russia "After announcing that the shooting of “The Challenge” has now been officially released, the crew expressed happiness over the success of the film’s premiere show.

According to the details, the Russian director’s first film made in space for the world "”The Challenge” was released in cinemas, with Russian President Vladimir Putin also hailing the project’s success.

The story of the said film is about a surgeon who is sent to the International Space Station to save an injured astronaut.

Russian actress Yulia Peresild is the heroine of the film, one of the most attractive actresses in Russia, while Klum Shipenko is the director and producer. the film "”Challenge” shows scenes filmed in the space station where a Russian astronaut whose disease cannot be treated on Earth is operated on in the space station.

The Russian crew also left behind a project by NASA and Elon Musk, which was announced in 2020 as a co-production between NASA and SpaceX. "It was done for “Mission Impossible”.

In view of this success, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the film and said that we are the first in the world to complete a space mission and shoot a feature film there.

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It should be noted that this is the first film in the world that has been shot in real space while it was shot by the National Space Research Institute of Russia. "Sponsored by Roscosmos”.

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