The Centennial Hall of Fame: Pau Gasol, Reyes, Palau, Romay, Nowitzki, Scola, Pepu, Maljkovic…

In November 2019 I saw the light the Hall of Fame of Spanish basketballthe result of collaboration between the FEB and AS, since then this great project of the sport of the basketthought many times without being executed, has germinated strongly with the backing of the Junta de Andalucía, and it has done so despite the fact that the first admission ceremony was delayed for a year and a half due to the pandemic. Difficulties overcome to be able to celebrate in this 2023 the election of the third promotion, a very special one since it coincides with the Centenary of the birth of the Spanish Federation (1923-2023). The chosen ones we have met this Thursday in the writing of AS after the meeting of the Election Committee representing all classes. One hundred years of history, we said, that have turned national basketball, with the support of a large network of clubs, schools, leagues, administrations, institutions, fans, media…, into a world superpower, number one in the men’s ranking with a National Team reigning champion of Europe and the world.

the third batch what we announce now It’s formidableat the level of the first two, and between all of them they endow the Hall of Fame with a consolidated project residue, capable of gathering at this moment 46 distinguished personalities of the sport of the orange ball, to which are added media contributors, clubs, legendary selections and extraordinary awards to cities and institutions. A very significant representation of those who have promoted basketball in Spain, although there are still many of those who did and are great.

The legend Pau Gasol

In this promotion (16 recognitions in six categories) a decisive figure stands out in the overwhelming successes of this century: Pau Gasolthe best Spanish player ever. If the Lakers honored him by retiring his number 16 and raising it next to Kobe Bryant’s, and if the Springfield Hall of Fame, in the United States, has just selected him for its hall of history; ours, in such a special year, could not be left behind. On October 19, at the Estadio de La Cartuja in Seville, he will receive applause for everything he has given us.

Together with Gasol, a group of extraordinary players, from here and abroad, from whom we have enjoyed a lot, as Philip ReyesLaia Palau, Fernando Romay and Wonny Geuerand some of us who have suffered as well huge international contenders: Dirk Nowitzki, Luis Scola, Predrag Danilovic and Natalia Zassoulskaya. both she and luifa They are also part of our sport due to their years in Valencia and Getafe, and Vitoria, respectively.

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Lots of talent on the pitch and a lot of genius on the benches to direct the orchestra: Pepu Hernándezworld champion in 2006; and Boza Maljkovicthe Jugoplastika coach who won the first two European Cups with those from Split and then two more, one with Limoges and another with Panathinaikos, and the Liga de Herreros in 2005 with Madrid, the one with impossible minuteand coached Barça, Unicaja and Baskonia.

The arbitration memory is for Vicente Sanchís After more than 40 years dedicated to arbitration and chosen by his peers as one of the five best ever in the history of the League. This promotion will also honor another collegiate, Angel Sancha, in memorybecause he passed away in 2016. He whistled and directed, more than 28 years as president of the National Committee of Referees. In 2022 Pilar Valero left us, gold at Eurobasket 93 and one of the most outstanding in the history of the National Team. And congratulations to two capital contributors, the ACB Leaguethe second best national competition in the world, and the magazine par excellence, Basketball Giants. In total, 16 new members of the Hall of Fame that increase the family to 53 members.

All 53 members of the three Hall of Fame promotions

Players (year of admission)

Paul Gasol (2023)

Felipe Reyes (2023)

Laia Palau (2023)

Wonny Geuer (2023)

Fernando Romay (2023)

Clifford Luyk (2022)

Nino Buscato (2022)

Blanca Ares (2022)

Elisa Aguilar (2022)

Jose Manuel Calderon (2022)

Emiliano Rodriguez (2021)

Juan Corbalan (2021)

Epi (2021)

Juan Carlos Navarro (2021)

Amaya Valdemoro (2021)


Pepu Hernandez (2023)

Boza Maljkovic (2023)

Aito Garcia Reneses (2022)

Lolo Sainz (2022)

Pedro Ferrandiz (2021)

Maria Planas (2021)


Luis Scola (2023)

Dirk Nowitzki (2023)

Natalia Zassoulskaya (2023)

Predrag Danilovic (2023)

Oscar Schmidt (2022)

Arvydas Sabonis (2021)


Selection Los Angeles 84 (2022)

Women’s team 1993 (2021)


CBA (2023)

Basketball Giants (2023)

Peter Barthe (2022)

Jorge Guillen (2022)

Laietà Sports Club (2021)

Ramon Trecet (2021)


Vicente Sanchis (2023)

Paco Nuns (2022)

Miguel Angel Betancor (2021)

‘In Memoriam’

Pilar Valero (2023)

Angel Sancha (2023)

Raymond Saporta (2022)

Ernesto Segura de Luna (2022)

Pilar Godía (2022)

Hector Quiroga (2022)

Javier Imbroda (2022)

Fernando Martin (2021)

Maribel Lorenzo (2021)

Antonio Diaz-Miguel (2021)

Anselmo Lopez (2021)

Andres Montes (2021)


Junta de Andalucía (2022)

Uliana Semenova (2022)

Alcobendas (2021)

The judge

The Election Committee of the third promotion of the Hall of Fame is made up of Jorge Garbajosa (president of the FEB), Vincent Jimenez (AS director), Juan Fernandez (Higher Sports Council, on behalf of its president, José Manuel Franco), Jose Maria Arrabal (Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía), Oscar Graefenhain (general director of the FEB), Elisa Aguilar (Director of the Office of the FEB and Ambassador Leagues), alfonso reyes (President of the Players Association), Esther Morillas (Players Association), Daniel Herrezuelo (President of the Spanish Referees)Joan Maria Gavalda (President of the Spanish Association of Coaches), Anthony Martin (CBA president), Carmen Muguruza (Women’s Clubs), Juan Jimenez (AS editor-in-chief) and Raquel González Santos (AS editor).

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