The censorship board did not let Dilip Kumar’s film pass

Any film is submitted to the Censorship Board before its release. The movie is released only after getting the approval from there. While some movies easily pass the censorship board, some are banned. Dilip Kumar’s film was also banned. In this Dilip Kumar film, the censorship board imposed not one or two, but 250 cuts. When the actor found out about this, it was as if he lost consciousness. For this, he took the help of the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The Dilip Kumar film we are talking about is ‘Ganga Jamuna’. This was the actor’s first film as a producer.

Ganga Jamuna, released in 1961, was the hit film of the year. Dilip Kumar also acted well in the movie. Dilip Kumar had invested all his money in this film, but he had no idea that censorship would fall on his film. It is said that when the censorship board saw ‘Ganga Jamuna’, citing violence and obscenity, he asked for 250 cuts. The Censorship Board refused to give the certificate to the film without making cuts. However, Dilip Kumar disagreed with this and sought the help of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Dilip Kumar told Nehru that the Censorship Board’s behavior was dictatorial. They were not willing to listen to anything. After hearing from Dilip Kumar, Nehru ji assured him that his film would be released soon. Finally, the film was released later and the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, BV Keskar, was also removed from the position of it. Dilip Kumar’s film was blocked for 6 months due to censorship issues. After making this film and getting it approved by the censors, Dilip Kumar’s condition became such that he vowed never to produce a film again.

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