The Celtics shake their eyes

After reaching the 2022 Finals, the Celtics have changed their bench. The scandal of Ime Udoka, winner after his first season as its head, with a franchise worker has expelled him from it for breaking one of her internal codes. Joe Mazzulla is going to stay the entire season as an interim and becomes the youngest head coach in the NBA, he even has older players. It is an absolutely abnormal ecosystem not only because of the team we are talking about, the sobriety and success they represent, but also because this occurs after having touched the sky more than a decade after being below that level.. The eyes are going to focus on them until the 2023 Playoffs arrive and they are going to have to get used to it. The openerin case you were wondering, it’s along the same lines as last year, which is exactly what executives like Brad Stevens (let’s not rule out that he’ll go down from the office to the bank at some point) yearned for when they threw the dirt on Udoka this past summer .

The Celtics started 2022/23 with a victory in which, at the end, there were even glimpses of greatness. 126-117 with an adjustment in the last minutes of the rival. There was a fight and, after it, control by the greens.

It was, again, a game to frame for the Jays. 35 points for each one, for Tatum and for Brown, in what is a continuous line of intensity, movement of the ball, accuracy and, at least on this occasion, victory. They have added a key piece in the rotation, which was a little bit out despite the addition of White in the spring, and it is a Malcolm Brogdon (16) who contributed especially at the time of breaking the game. He also helped one of those who last year generated the most sympathy for his tireless work, Grant Williams (15), and the possibilities he gives to open the field if he is successful in the shot. With these wickers Mazzulla will have to cook a succulent dish to feed a totally hungry Garden and wanting more seeing what was achieved in June. The playoffs, Shorts as a goal observing with brightness in the eyes this first stone in the new construction. Because they have the plans but they have to be reformed. And the entire NBA will be watching their progress.

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