The CBD boom

CBD shops are popping up like mushrooms. France in turn gives way to the vogue for these cannabis-derived products. Completely legal product, but whose scent evokes another which is not, the CBD undoubtedly owes part of its success to this cousin.

For a year now, CBD, an illegal derivative of hemp, has been a hit. Every week, shops and departments open all over France. “We opened six stores in France in two and a half months and requests keep dropping. We plan to open about twenty in the year. It is really a general public, we have as many old people as young people ”.

It is found in soap, flower, tea, vaping liquid, honey cosmetics. CBD or cannabidiol remains a little active product but not completely harmless. “The danger is when you start to use it as a medicine and it is sold with therapeutic virtues for people who may have vulnerabilities that would require consulting a doctor instead.”

Most resellers stay in the sale of a wellness product. “We are not here to take the place of doctors. We are simply there to offer a substitute product that would be suitable for the customer in question ”.

CBD is not a narcotic psychotropic drug. These molecules nevertheless make it possible to provide consumers with a feeling of relaxation.

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