The Catholic Bishops of Cuba ask to avoid violence and demand the release of those detained in protests

The Conference of Catholic Bishops has requested this Wednesday the "violence" in the country and has demanded the release of those detained in the protests of July 11, as well as has advocated for "a nation project that involves and motivates everyone".

After having verified "in the last weeks" the "increased climate of tension and confrontation" that "it is not healthy nor does it benefit anyone", the bishops have issued a statement in which they have emphasized the need for a "harmonic dialogue" in the country.

Thus, they have demanded that Cubans be able to "express yourself and share freely" their "opinions, thoughts or convictions, "even when he disagrees with the majority", while condemning any act of violence.

"(Violence) seriously wounds the soul of the Cuban nation and contributes even more to the sorrow, suffering and sadness of our families"the bishops lamented in a statement released by the Cuban Church.

They have also urged the "involvement of Cubans" in a "nation project that involves and motivates everyone, that takes into account differences, without exclusions or marginalization".

"We believe that it is necessary to implement mechanisms where, without fear of intimidation and reprisals, everyone can be heard and dissatisfaction is channeled in the face of the harsh daily realities that overwhelm so many, especially the most impoverished and vulnerable.", have stressed in the same line.

In addition, they have claimed "a gesture of indulgence" for the people who are still detained due to the events of last summer, in reference to the day of protests on July 11 in dozens of parts of the island in which several arrests were made and repression was denounced.

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For bishops, the release of prisoners "it would decrease social tension" and it would suppose the thanks of the Cuban families and the Church.

In this way, they have asserted that it is "essential" carry out these "necessary" and "long desired" changes for what "favor a dignified and happy life" in the country.

"Once again we urge everyone to spare no effort so that the paths of understanding, reconciliation and peace are paved, in such a way that the various proposals on the present and future destiny of our country, find an area of ​​sanity, tolerance. and harmony, and a harmonious and civilized dialogue is established in which the best solutions to the problems that concern us can be found", they have sued.

A new day of demonstrations, which the authorities are trying to avoid, has been called for next Monday, November 15. These marches seek to show the discontent of the Cuban people and continue with the line of the historic mobilizations of July 11.


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