The catastrophic earthquake killed 22 thousand people, more deaths are expected

Ankara, Damascus: The hope of life of the people buried under the rubble in Turkey and Syria began to die, so far the number of dead people has exceeded 22 thousand.

In the recent devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, at least 22,000 citizens of both countries have died so far. Officials engaged in rescue work say that this is a temporary number in which a new increase is seen every hour. While the experts say that the hope of survival of the people buried under the rubble of the buildings is dying.

According to Al-Arabiya News, the vice president of Turkey said the number of its citizens who died in the earthquake was 17,674, while 72,000 people were injured.

The Turkish Vice President said that the rescue and search work has been completed in Kilis and Şanlıurfa provinces. Large-scale search and rescue operations have also been completed in Diyarbakir, Adna and Osmania areas.

On the other hand, the officials of the Ansaram rescue team under the White Helmets in Syria said that the number of people who died in the earthquake in the areas controlled by the opposition in the north has reached 2030, while 2950 Syrian citizens were injured in these areas.

Earlier, the Syrian Minister of Health Hassan al-Ghash said that the number of dead in the earthquake was 1347 while the number of injured was 2295. As a result of the earthquake, there is a rapid increase, while rescue and search operations are also ongoing in several areas of Turkey and Syria.

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Rescuers have pulled more survivors from the rubble of collapsed buildings in Turkey, while rescuers have found no survivors in the rubble of buildings in northwest Syria.

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