Jazan: The case of annulment of marriage of a dumb couple in Saudi Arabia has become a challenge for the court.

According to details, the matter has reached the police station and then the court after a quarrel between a deaf and dumb couple in Jazan region.

Al-Watan newspaper has reported that a speechless couple living in Jazan had a quarrel, after which it was the turn of the couple to separate.

It turned out that this was the third quarrel between the dumb couple during the last five months. The two were reconciled twice. Filed a report against her husband at a police station in Riyadh.

The police department contacted the woman’s brother and handed over the sister to him and instructed him to take the goods from the husband’s house. Later, when the husband refused to hand over the five-year-old son to his wife, the woman filed for divorce Filed

The woman told the court that her husband keeps his promises but does not fulfill them.

The first trial between the dumb couple was held online. However, the trial between the two has also become a challenge as the judges need an interpreter who knows sign language to hear and understand the point of view of the parties.