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The Carpena factor comes into play

The Carpena factor comes into play

The faith of this signature Unicaja built by Ibon Navarro knows no limits. And the two games at the Palau attest to this. In the first he led Barcelona to sweat victory until the last second and on Friday he took it ahead with a sublime performance. The series ends 1-1 in Malagawhere Unicaja feels very strong and where the Carpena factor is going to play a very relevant role.

Ibon Navarro’s green army believes itself capable of anything. “These guys don’t want to go on vacation,” the Unicaja coach cried ironically after leaving Lenovo Tenerife in the ditch with indisputable superiority. Now the difficulty has been multiplied by a lot. Barça has not yet shown its true level after the setback suffered in Kaunas. But his talent and resources are indisputable. Despite the fact that the home court factor now plays in favor of his rival, Jasikevicius has a huge squad on his hands that has hit the bone in the Cup and Euroleague and that is obliged to lift the ACB title to prevent the season from ending in fiasco. Mirotic has several pending subjects. His 1/9 in field goals In the second game they placed him at the top of the podium of designated in the Barça team. Barça needs him to assume his star role to stay afloat.

“They can beat us, but to do it they are going to have to kill us.” The message is from Ibon Navarro. But that is how all of Málaga feels, as the stands of Carpena will collapse today. “I expect a crazy Carpena”, added Carter minutes after taking the Palau. The compositor fans sold out the tickets for the fourth game hours after Unicaja signed the 1-1 and the Malaga pavilion will be abuzz. The options to make it 2-1 happen because the people of Malaga are able to maintain the very high level of intensity, especially in defense, shown in the first two games. The success will also be decisive. And the heart, isolated in which it is very difficult to overcome this Unicaja.

The “worried” Jasikevicius needs his players to recover that defensive level that makes them an almost unapproachable team when it reaches its maximum expression. Seeing the state of form and confidence of Unicaja and with the Carpena factor at stake, Barça will need its best version to win in Malaga, appease the green euphoria and be in the final.



pos. Height Age
9 TO 188 29
6 P 206 31
8 B. 188 28
Four. Five P 208 30
1 TO 26
7 PA 205 26
55 AND 30
17 B. 190 17
22 TO 198 32
12 TO 196 33
4 AND 193 30
eleven AND 193 25
10 PA 203 36
pos. Height Age
twenty-one AND 198 29
22 TO 196 33
55 TO 198 17
46 P 208 19
6 P 213 33
24 AND 193 33
23 P 213 28
twenty B. 188 33
10 TO 202 31
33 PA 208 32
3 TO 201 29
1 TO 24

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