I point out some relevant data for the “last generation” fans who are now joining the follow-up of the Caribbean Series, also called the Caribbean Baseball Classic.

It is a competition of champion teams, and that is how it is in the end, as those who win in their respective leagues attend.

Before, it was even customary for the teams to attend with their own name, and the RD or PR or MEX or Ven) on a sleeve of the uniform, or on the chest.

I don’t remember when that changed, but it’s been a long time since the teams are no longer called “Aguilas, Toros, Licey or Gigantes. The uniform now says Dominican (because the Republic is very long and the RD is very small).

This has even caused a kind of emergence of what they call “patriotism”, because the players also end up identifying with their country.

Once, a well-known narrator used the phrase that such a player “heeded the call of the country”, but that was used more with respect to the world baseball classic, which began in 2006. Later it has been applied to the Caribbean Series.

THE ORIGIN: This series had its first stage in the period 1949-60, celebrating 12 events between Cuba, Panama, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. The Cubans, who still did not have the dictatorship of communism, had the strongest baseball in the area and won 7, Puerto Rico 4, Panama 1.

That stage ended when Fidel Castro came to power and suspended professional sports in Cuba as of 1960. The collapse was total, although in the following years Venezuela and the Dominican Republic maintained some interleague activity between teams, during both tournaments. They came here, we went there.

And why didn’t the Dominican participate in the classic between 1951 and 1960? Dominican baseball was first in summer, and from 1955 in winter, but it would be prudent to delve a little deeper into the subject.

In 1970, leaders of the area, Venezuelans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, organized the return of the Caribbean Series and the first one took place in 1970 in Caracas, Venezuela. Only three countries participated, Dominican, Venezuela and Puerto Rico, and from 1971 Mexico was added, completing the four legs of the table.

THE TITLES:Now the Dominican Republic dominates with 21 crowns, Puerto Rico has 16, Mexico 9, Cuba 8, Venezuela 7, Panama 2. Cuba was invited for several years, until it was eliminated 2 years ago.

CARIBBEAN SERIES.- On Thursday at 8 pm, the opening program of the Caribbean Series was announced. What happened there? Why didn’t they report it 10 hours earlier? Didn’t they have it insured, were they missing ends? … What do I know … Many people pulling for their side, and various interest groups bidding … Dominican, that is, the Giants, go as wide favorites, and that in itself is a commitment . This 2022 club is very strong, it is complete in every way, in offense, defense, in starting pitching and in relief. It has everything, chemistry and great local inspiration. Last Series, the Eagles were champions with an undefeated 7-0…-Will it be repeated now? This is a tremendous matter… The core of players includes figures from the major leagues or their surroundings such as Marcell Ozuna, Robinson Canó, José Siri, Kelvin Gutierrez, among others… Luis Urueta also has a great opportunity to project his figure as a future manager major league, short term…



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