The third match in the Test series is played between India and South Africa in Cape Town. The Indian batsmen had an average performance in the first game, but after that, most of the batsmen continually fail. This is the reason why the Indian team is in danger of losing the series. BCCI can take strict measures with respect to some players and these players can be eliminated from the team in the next series. We are talking about those Indian players, whose chances of slowing down their careers have increased.

1. Senior hitter Ajinkya Rahane has been failing for a long time and couldn’t even score runs in the test series against South Africa. In such a situation, it is feared that he may be eliminated from the team. The team management and coach Rahul Dravid expressed their confidence in Rahane, but Rahane was disappointed. In the first game he scored 48 and 20 runs in two innings. In the second game he scored 0 and 58. While in the first inning of the third game, he was able to score 9 and in the second inning he was able to score 1 run. Overall, in the last 6 innings, only 136 runs have come off his bat.

2. Cheteshwar Pujara, who was once called the wall of Team India, is also struggling with bad form for a long time and did not do anything special in this series either. In the last six innings, Pujara could only score half a century. Uncertainty about its future has also increased. The team management also gave Pujara many chances but he did not live up to a single occasion. Now Pujara can be shown the departure of Team India.

Young player Shreyas Iyer has bet on the team by scoring a century and a half in his debut match. Apart from this, Hanuma Vihari may also play a major role in the upcoming series. Young hitter Shubman Gill may join the India team after recovering from injury. These three players have impressed the selectors with their good performance in the recent past.



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