The car went down the bridge in Saudi Arabia, then what happened?

The car fell several feet from a bridge in Jazan region of Saudi Arabia, but the driver survived.

Foreign media reported that a serious traffic accident occurred in Saudi Arabia when a car fell several feet from a bridge in Jahan region, but by the grace of nature, the driver was completely unharmed. The video after the car crash is also going viral on social media.

This accident took place on Al-Tawheed bridge when people looked down from the bridge, the car had fallen several feet down and was upside down and smoke was coming out of it. On this occasion, everyone was surprised to see the driver alive and said that by the grace of nature, the driver escaped certain death despite the terrible accident.

Jazan Traffic Department has also issued a statement regarding this accident and said that an accident happened to a vehicle passing through Jazan, the vehicle fell off the bridge when it deviated from the track.

According to the traffic department, the driver was injured in the accident and has been admitted to the hospital and preliminary legal action is being taken in this regard.

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