The Calvary of Ceballos

Dani Ceballos lives one of the hardest moments of his career. The Utrera, who has been little injured (the most serious so far had been a muscle break with Arsenal) sees how the days go by and his left ankle does not improve. Added to this dislike of being off the pitch is the fact that he believes that the current situation is caused, in large part, by the initial misdiagnosis. In Tokyo, with the National Team, they told him that he had a grade II sprain with bone edema. However, upon arrival at Real Madrid the tests revealed a much greater ailment: grade III sprain, with a complete rupture of the anterior peroneal-talar ligament and the peroneal-calcaneus, in addition to a complicated bone edema. He still has, at least, a month and a half left. Until the end of November it is difficult for it to reappear and the problem right now is that the bone edema continues to cause a lot of pain because it is not reabsorbed.

The injury occurred at the premiere at the Olympic Games on July 22 against Egypt. A chilling stomp that left him KO. Now, knowing the exact extent of the injury, it is an evidence that the logical thing would have been to catch a plane back to Madrid as soon as possible to begin with the recovery. Instead, the tests said that his return to the Olympics, something that seemed impossible at first, was possible. From that moment on, Ceballos was crushed in physiotherapy sessions, cut deadlines and wanted to play in the quarterfinals! Only six days after his injury. It was De la Fuente who stopped him, with the idea that he would reappear in the semifinals or the final.

In the attempt to reach those matches, Ceballos came to train up to four times with the rest of his teammates. In fact, he was not ruled out for the final against Brazil until the previous training session, when the pain was so strong that, in the game, he went to the band, threw himself to the ground and collapsed completely. The effort had been for nothing. In addition, it had a consequence: the injury got much worse. Upon returning to Madrid and knowing the exact extent of the injury, the player’s anger with what happened was monumental. Those attempts to play in Japan can leave your ankle damaged for a long time and the problem now is to know if you will be able to recover the sensations in the joint to 100% …

The Utrera was sincere on social networks: “There are moments in life when difficulties arise that we do not expect. But I continue working hard to be able to recover 100% from this injury that is giving more war than expected. I am already facing with a great team of professionals the final stretch of this recovery. Undoubtedly, this experience is helping me to grow mentally and return with more strength and enthusiasm than ever. If I am clear about something, it is that football is my life, and I count the minutes to enjoy the green again. There is less left. “

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