The CAF is down, the site displays the account of other users

The CAF site and application are down. Since this morning, reports have multiplied on Twitter and Down Detector. When logging in, users are unpleasantly surprised to see other people’s information displayed. A concern that greatly worries those who wish to protect their privacy.

Certainly, it is not the failures that are lacking at the moment. After the one that affected all Facebook applications a few days ago, it is CAF’s turn to encounter technical problems. If the magnitude is less, the consequences are just as serious. Indeed, if we could still connect to his account this morning, the information displayed turned out to be those of other users. A major problem for the personal data of the latter, forcing the organization to put its site in maintenance.

The first reports appeared around 8 p.m. last night on DownDetector. The situation has not visibly improved this morning, as testimonies continue to pile up on Twitter, all becoming alarmed to see information that is not their own. “The new CAF site is broken. I connect with my vital card and I find Nathalie, 40 years old and two children, ”, thus tells a user who, obviously, is not Nathalie. They are also numerous to make the link with the new authentication method recently implemented.

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CAF victim of an outage that exposes users’ personal data

Recently, it is necessary toenter their social security number and create a new password to log into their account. The deployment of this update could therefore be at the origin of the bug, since the first reports arrived shortly after. But difficult to say with certainty at the moment, because CAF does not give more information on this subject.

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“Since last night, October 10, connection anomalies to the My Account Space have been observed on certain beneficiary accounts. In order to completely secure the situation, the My Account Area and the mobile application are currently closed. Our technical teams are doing everything to restore the situation as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience caused ”, can we read on his site.

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