The brutal robber knocked the weak woman to the ground? Painful video goes viral

A sad incident has happened in the old city of Indian Hyderabad in which a robber did not even spare a weak woman wearing a burqa.

The merciless and cruel Raheen snatched the bag from the burqa-clad woman’s hand with such force that the elderly woman fell face down on the ground.

This sad scene was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the street which is going viral on social media and the users are expressing grief over this incident and demanding justice for the woman.

According to an Indian media report, an elderly woman was passing through the road in Shahlibanda Ghazipora area of ​​Hyderabad that a young man was following her for a long time.

Arriving at a place, he started the bike and parked it at the corner of the street with the intention of the incident, after which he came walking behind the elderly lady and suddenly pulled the bag from the lady’s hand, the weak lady was holding her bag tightly. Due to which they also woke up on the ground.

The accused snatched the bag from the hands of the weak woman who fell on the ground and ran to the bike and managed to escape.

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