The broken relationship with Rajesh Khanna was a virgin for a long time, due to a reason that she refused to marry!

Rajesh Khanna needs no introduction. He was a superstar of his time and saw incredible stardom. The stardom that has barely reached the fate of any star so far. Rajesh Khanna was that shining star at the time, whose fans used to despair to catch a glimpse. But Rajesh Khanna, whose glance was insane at the time, was Anju Mahendru. Very beautiful and one of the best actresses of her time, discussions about the love of Anju and Rajesh Khanna were very frequent at that time. But after seven durations, this relationship broke down.

It is said in media reports that the two met when Rajesh Khanna was not a huge superstar and Anju Mahendru was also fighting. They were both trying to make their place in the industry. And then they approached each other. Little by little, their love increased and they began to live together. It is said that they were in a cohabiting relationship for almost seven years. Even when Rajesh Khanna became a superstar, their relationship did not end and Rajesh Khanna proposed to Anju. But it was Anju Mahendru who flatly denied this relationship. There was love, they both used to live together but despite this, what was it that Anju didn’t say yes to marriage.

When Rajesh Khanna proposed to Anju Mahendru, he had become a superstar and his stardom was at its peak. Still, Anju refused to marry. According to media reports, the reason behind this was the condition that Rajesh Khanna had set. Actually, Rajesh Khanna wanted Anju Mahendru to give up movies and modeling and marry him and then take over the house. But Anju was not prepared for this. Her dream was to do something in her career and make a name for herself, so this relationship broke down and the marriage never took place. Although Rajesh Khanna married 16-year-old Dimple Kapadia after the breakup of this relationship, Anju Mahendru remained a virgin.

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