The British Museum begins recovering some of the 2,000 stolen pieces

The President of the Board of Trustees of the British Museum in London, George Osborne, has given assurances on this part around 2,000 pieces have disappeared from the collection they are already restored and he has admitted that it is time, also as an institution, to exercise self-criticism.

“We believe that We have been victims of robberies for a long time and frankly we could have done more to prevent it,” Osborne said in an interview with the BBC, in which he confirmed the recovery of “some” parts.

Osborne, a former minister who was appointed head of the museum in June 2021, stated that the “antiquarian community” is “actively cooperating” to try to find the missing treasures. He also hopes “honest” citizens will return the pieces if they find out they’ve been stolen, although he suspects not everyone will.

The scandal cost museum director Hartwig Fischer his jobwho announced his resignation on Friday, claiming responsibility for the disappearance of items dating back to the 15th century BC, including gold jewellery, semi-precious stones and glass. until the 19th century AD

Osborne has confirmed that they are still trying to figure out exactly what’s missing from the collection and has said so They work with the police to get to the bottom of the case.. The museum has for now fired an employee for his alleged involvement, although no arrests have been made.

The President of the Council has admitted that the whole controversy could tarnish the reputation of one of the most prestigious institutions in the world extensive collection of historical pieces. “At a time when we always remember what separates us, (the museum) is a place to remind us of what we have in common,” he said.

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