The British Journal raised questions on the serious violations of human rights by the Modi government

London: The British Herald, a famous British magazine, blasted the so-called Indian democracy, raising questions on the serious human rights violations of the Modi government in its July issue.

According to the details, the British journal British Herald in its July issue raised serious questions about Modi government’s serious violations of human rights, religious division, racism and declining quality of journalism, and said that Modi is responsible for the increasing incidents of violence against minorities. The main reason for the criminal silence is the appeasement of the extremist majority.

According to a British Herald report, in January 2023, Indian wrestling president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh was accused of sexual harassment by a female wrestler, but Modi refrained from taking any action, according to former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The Modi government has also cited the suspension of inspectors, raids of offices by income tax officials and threats of search operations at employees’ homes.

The Modi government crossed all limits of depravity and harassed the BBC offices and employees’ homes for airing an anti-Modi documentary. The statement reflects the declining democratic power in India.

Due to the ongoing civil war in Manipur for the last 2 months, more than 250 churches were set on fire, 115 people were killed while more than 4000 locals were forced to relocate. The recognition of BJP is for political purposes to gain majority favor in the state.

The Modi government has followed the policy of divide and rule to achieve political goals and has exacerbated the religious divide in Manipur and across India. India has also surpassed Ukraine in the closure of

According to the British Herald, the Gujarat riots of 2002 and the Manipur riots of 2023 under Modi’s patronage have deep similarities, the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Gujarat riots in 2004 likened Modi to the Roman emperor Nero, Modi on the Gujarat riots and Manipur. Deliberate criminal silence is an old practice, the objective of the Modi government in Manipur is to bring the ongoing civil war to a serious level and permanently deploy the Indian Army in the state.

According to the British Herald, the Indian Army is being used as a political weapon of the Modi government, permanent deployment, to suppress opposition political and journalistic forces, bulldozer policy against Muslims, hijab ban in several states, new citizenship laws of 2019 and Kashmir. The illegal abrogation of special status is proof of Hindu policy for Modi’s electoral gains.

According to Reporters Without Borders, the Indian media is suffering from a serious crisis due to the Modi government’s increased control of press freedom, the suppression of critical voices and the harassment of professional journalists. Siddiqui is facing severe harassment on social media from Modi’s followers.

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