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The British government will also send children of immigrants to Rwanda


Kigali: Immigrants living in the UK illegally and their children will be sent to Rwanda, for which the Rwandan government has taken steps.

The hostel in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, will house migrants from the UK, along with their children.

In this regard, important steps have been taken to provide sports opportunities and other facilities for the interest of children in Hope Hostel, Kigali.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the hostel will also house a football field, basketball court and toys for the children.

It should be noted that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a plan under which those illegally residing in the UK and applying for political asylum will be sent to the African country of Rwanda, who will be kept there until the application is approved.

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In this regard, Boris Johnson says that those who go to Rwanda will be given permanent residence there and they will also have the facility to return to their country from there. To deal with

It may be recalled that earlier the flight of a British plane to transfer illegal immigrants to Africa had to be canceled due to a decision of a European court.

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