The bride and groom demanded expenses from the guests who did not attend the wedding

People who get married invite their close friends and relatives to share in their happiness and make the best arrangements for them, but it can be a pity if those dear relatives do not attend on this occasion. Is.

In the United States, one such couple made a strange move with the guests who did not attend the wedding due to their strict engagement.

The newlyweds from Chicago, USA, have demanded money from the guests who did not come despite promising to attend the wedding.

The groom posted a 24 240 bill for the event on his Facebook account and addressed non-attending guests, saying “don’t be upset to see this bill of expenses, I’ll send it to you by e-mail.” I will do so so that you do not give the excuse that we did not receive it.

The bill states that the bill is being sent to you because you promised to attend the ceremony. The amount in the bill is for the seats reserved for you because you did not report not attending the event.

Guests are told that this amount is due to you, you can pay it through PayPal.

Talking to an American channel in this regard, the couple said that they lost this money to make the best arrangements for the guests, so now this money has to be paid by the guests.


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