The brave fisherman kept fighting the lion to save his life

In the dense forests of India, a lion attacked a fisherman. The fisherman fought with the lion for 20 minutes and managed to save his life.

According to Indian media, the incident took place near an area called Kapura in the forests of Sundarbans. Four licensed farmers had reached the river for hunting, one of which was on shore.

At that moment, a lion suddenly jumped out of the dense forest and attacked the fisherman on the boat. The fisherman fought alone for 20 minutes and tried to save his life.

Meanwhile, other fishermen also returned who helped the fisherman and saved him from the jaws of the city.

The injured fisherman was rushed to a nearby hospital where his condition is said to be out of danger.

Authorities say the fishermen went into deep water for hunting, which was banned due to the presence of wild animals. The government will pay for the treatment of the injured fisherman.


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