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The BOMB that Monchi prepares for Lopetegui’s replacement

The Sevilla F.C. still not come back after adding only five points so far in the league. The rojiblanco team is not at all fine, with players far from their best form, as is the case with names like Jordán’s, or footballers who don’t quite fit into the squad, at least for the moment. While is true that Julen Lopetegui seems to have found a light to cling to, Sevilla is still thinking about his replacement.

Lopetegui’s main supporter, and to whom he owes that he still holds the position, is Monchi, who clings to the four of six points obtained away from home to trust that, with a little more time, the Basque can put the Sevilla team back on track towards victory. However, the truth is that there are five points out of a possible eighteen and things do not seem to be getting any better, with fans as frustrated as the squad itself.

Monchi’s favorite to replace Lopetegui

Although it is true that not everything is the fault of the coach, but also of a more than questionable sports planning, Lopetegui is on a tightrope, and many think that Sevilla is delaying the inevitable. Hence, Monchi himself, his main defender, is already thinking about a possible substitution for the good of the Seville club’s interests.

As reported BrandMonchi’s choice to occupy the bench, after the more than possible dismissal of Julen Lopetegui, would be Marcelo Gallardocurrent coach of River Plate, with whom the contract ends at the end of this year. For now, the Basque will continue to command in one of the most complicated periods for Sevilla in recent years, although everything predicts a bad ending for the Sevilla coach if he fails to find the key that wakes up the Nervión team.



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