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The blue card comes to football

The world of football is about to change with the introduction of the Blue Card, which will be used in official matches for the first time and will later be introduced in all major leagues.

The International Football Board Association has introduced a new sanction that could change the beautiful sport forever. Is about the blue card, which is already a reality in football. This new map will accompany the referees in the matches starting next Friday and introduces important changes in the regulations and in the behavior of the players.

It is precisely because of this behavior, which has become increasingly worse over the years, that the IFAB has decided to introduce this change. It will be a gradual and slow change as it is currently being tested in lower categories. However, this is expected to be the case next season when the blue card reaches a major European football competition.

Football blue card
The FA Cup could test the new map to see its impact

This will be the new blue card in football

Despite the confusion the news caused, The blue card has a very clear purpose: to protect the referees. The IFAB has noticed a deterioration in players’ behavior towards referees and has decided to take action to put an end to it. In this way they have decided to introduce a new sanction somewhere between the yellow and red cards.

The blue card results in a 10-minute expulsion. Therefore, Referees will have another tool to control players. So that, It will be easier for the referees to control the footballers During games, they will be aware that they may be leaving their team with one less player.

The FA Cup, the first competition to try

So far the blue card is being tested in lower levels of Welsh and Swedish football. However, there is hope that it can soon be used in professional competitions. Of course we already know that It will not be part of the next European Cup or Champions League. And first they want to test how it works.

However, and even if they will not take part in these great competitions, The blue card could be present in the next edition of the FA Cup. The English FA’s idea is to test the new sanction in an official competition with professional players to check how it works. Be that as it may, modern football has already arrived. And this will be the first of the new changes to be introduced.

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