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The bitterest tie

The bitterest tie

The wind destroyed the plans of Carvalhal and Sampaoli, being the most decisive factor of the match. In the first half, Celta took advantage of the fact that it was blowing in their favor to overwhelm Sevilla and take the lead on the scoreboard. After the resumption, the people of Seville were pushed by the weather until the tie. However, the point is very bitter for both teams. For the people from Vigo because the streak without winning is already too long, for the Sevilla fans because they will take the grapes in decline.

The celestial approach was clear, cornering Sevilla in their field, with up to four players pressing the Seville ball out. Of course, the chances did not arrive until the middle of the first part. Larsen had the first, but wasted Mingueza’s good pass and his great control in the one-on-one against Bono. The Norwegian does many things well, but a nine is forced to score goals and at the moment his scoreboard is zero in the League. Gudelj became the protagonist in the following minutes, clearing two shots from Veiga and Cervi They went straight to the net. In the field where his cousin Vlado got fed up with scoring goals, Nemanja dedicated himself to avoiding them.

The strongest gale was generated by the house wizards. Aspas drew an impossible pass for Veiga to beat Bono with a precise chip. The master and the apprentice came together to amaze Balaídos, to shatter a Seville that could not cope with bailing out water. The advantage could still grow in the early stages of the second half, but Larsen lost the battle against Bono again. The goal is not a friend of the Norwegian.

From there, Sevilla entrusted themselves to a world champion to launch towards a draw. Acuña was a nightmare for Marchesín, a constant threat with his additions and his amazing shots from distance. Also with his services, such as the one who gave Lamela a plate to shoot at point-blank range, an Argentine connection that another compatriot, Marchesín, derailed, avoiding the goal almost on the goal line. The Celta goalkeeper was not so lucky in the corner kick that he took next. Kike Salas headed in the near post and the goalkeeper Olívico ate the shot. The goal was a relief for Sevilla, a blow for Celta, deranged against the wind.

The Acuña moment continued with two right hands that were about to surprise Marchesín. In one of those rejections, the ball was left dead for Oliver to push into the net, but the midfielder inexplicably missed into an empty goal. In the final minutes, Aspas drew Carmona’s second card, which he was about to see an hour before. The expulsion of the center back made Sevilla back down to protect the point and launched Celta towards victory. Carles Pérez and Luca de la Torre tried with two good shots that just missed the post. But the score has not moved and both teams will close the year without smiling, hoping that the new year will bring them a new life in the League.


E. Lamella (45′, Y. En-Nesyri), L. De La Torre (64′, J. Larsen), C. Perez (64′, F. Cervi), Suso (66′, Rafael Mir), Oscar Rodriguez (72′, Gabri Veiga), P. Durán (83′, O. Mingueza), Kevin Vazquez (83′, Hugo Mallo), Peter Ortiz (89′, Oliver Torres)


1-0, 32′: Gabriel Veiga1-1, 53′: Kike Salas


Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
VAR referee: David Medié Jiménez, Íñigo Prieto López de Ceraín
Jose Angel Carmona (8′,Yellow) fran beltran (14′,Yellow) Joan Jordan (29′,Yellow) Hugo Mallo (78′,Yellow) Jose Angel Carmona (85′,Red) lick it (88′,Yellow)

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