The Bitcoin whale wakes up after years and moves tens of millions

An ancient one Bitcoin (BTC) Whale has woken up again after four years of doing nothing. The whale sent 3,623 Bitcoins worth $137 million to two new wallets. The crypto giant purchased these tokens in 2018 at a price of $6,889 each. As the price of Bitcoin has now increased fivefold, his investment has increased from $24.96 million to $137 million.

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The Bitcoin whale is waking up from its slumber after years of silence

Between October 25, 2018 and December 31, 2019, the whale purchased 3,623 Bitcoin at an average price of $6,889 each. After completing the $24.96 million investment, the whale decided to stop for a while hodlen. For four years, the Bitcoin whale did nothing with its investment.

Til today. Prices have risen enormously, fueled by… Apply for a range of ETFs. Bitcoin price has been rising since May 2022, before the infamous FTX crash, not that high. Perhaps that is why the whale decided to bring the untouched Bitcoins back to the surface. They have been moved to two different Bitcoin wallets.

It is unknown what happened to the tokens afterward, but they may have been sold. The whale makes a profit of around $112 million. This will produce a much better result than an Ethereum whale what was recently read about. This investor managed to invest right before every stock market crash. Through a combination of poor judgment and bad luck, he lost $5.1 million.

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Crypto prices are rising rapidly due to positive ETF news

Bitcoin price is currently performing very well due to a series of Bitcoin spot ETF requests. These exchange traded funds make it possible to invest in Bitcoin using stocks. Profit depends on how well the Bitcoin price performs, but you don’t have to keep the tokens yourself. Including asset investor BlackRock has filed an application.

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