The Birth of Silverio: A New White Rhino in South America

The Buin Zoo, located south of Santiago, Chile, recently welcomed a new member to its family—a white rhino calf named Silverio. Born on June 20, Silverio is the third white rhino to be born in captivity in South America. At just 12 days old, Silverio already weighs an impressive 90 kilos and is often seen trotting alongside his mother, Hannah.

Birth and Growth

Silverio’s birth after a year and seven months of gestation is a significant achievement for the zoo. Weighing 74.3 kilos at birth, the calf has gained an additional 15 kilos in less than two weeks. White rhinos, native to Africa, can weigh over 2,000 kilos as adults, making Silverio’s rapid growth noteworthy.

Family and Future

Silverio is the third calf born to the rhino couple Oliver and Hannah at the Buin Zoo. His older brothers, Pantaleón and Atanasio, were born in 2017 and 2020, respectively. Pantaleón was transferred to a zoo in Colombia in 2022, and Atanasio is set to move to Brazil soon. “As they are males, we cannot keep them due to potential conflicts with their father or the risk of inbreeding,” explained Ignacio Idalsoaga, the zoo’s director. The future for Silverio is still undecided, but the zoo’s commitment is to form new rhino families in different locations.

Conservation Efforts

The white rhino is the largest of the five rhino species and is classified as “near threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). With an estimated 16,000 individuals remaining, efforts to breed these animals in captivity are crucial for their survival. In the last 12 months, eight white rhinos have been born in captivity worldwide, with Silverio being the latest addition.

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