The biggest operational plan for Hajj has started in Haramin Sharif

The biggest operational plan for Hajj this year has been launched in Saudi Arabia in which 14 thousand male and female workers will serve.

According to the organization that oversees the affairs of the Haram Sharif, the largest operational plan in history for Hajj has been launched this year. Under this project, 14,000 female and male workers will serve in 4 shifts in Haram Sharif.

These workers will be monitored by the supervisory body for better implementation of Hajj arrangements.

The Public Presidency has also increased the number of vehicles in the Haram Sharif to 9 thousand vehicles while the carriage service will also be active 24 hours a day.

Up to 300,000 copies of the Holy Quran are likely to be provided in the mosques of the Haram Sharifeen, while several workshops are also being organized for teaching and memorizing the Holy Quran in both the mosques.

In this Hajj season, 35 thousand hours will be spent in recitation and teaching of the Holy Quran.

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