The biggest drug smuggling attempt in India’s history has been foiled

A container full of heroin has been found in the Indian city of Mumbai, which is said to be worth more than 50 billion rupees.

According to Indian media, the New Delhi Police arrested two Afghan citizens a few weeks ago and recovered a large amount of heroin from his possession. The value of recovered heroin was estimated at Rs 12 billion at that time.

During the interrogation, the Afghan nationals revealed that there is a huge quantity of drugs in the container at Mumbai port as well. Investigating the same news, the Special Cell of Delhi Police seized a container from Mumbai’s Nava Shiva port.

When the container was searched, 20 tons of heparin was recovered from it, the value of which is estimated at 17 billion 25 million Indian rupees, its value in Pakistani currency is more than 50 billion rupees.

The seized heroin is being described as the largest consignment in the country’s history.

Police and anti-narcotics officials in India are starting to ask questions about how such a large quantity of drugs was brought to Mumbai. How do drugs get into India amid all the security arrangements?

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