The youngest player in the squad could leave the Culé club

Although the sports director of the FC Barcelona He has already confirmed that there is a renewal agreement with the midfielder Pablo Martin Paez Gavira better known as Gavi, a big problem arises. The boy is the youngest in the squad but what he lacks in age he makes up for in talent. However, that is precisely the drawback in the contractual extension of it.

Gavi has 17 years of age to date and being a minor cannot sign this new contract. However, on August 5 he will reach the age of majority and from there he will be able to sign the contractual document. The problem is that the player and his environment could be seduced by another team that offers him a lot more money of what you will earn with it boat.

  Barcelona Gavi
Barcelona must wait until Gavi turns 18 to sign the renewal contract, and that will be until August 5.

Mateu Alemany gave a piece of calm and says that Gavi wants to renew with Barcelona

One thing is what is said and quite another is what is written, or as they say, “what is not written does not exist”. This is what many in Barcelona fear by not being able to immediately renew their star. However, Mateu Alemany assures that he has already spoken with the midfielder and his representative and has a solid verbal agreement.

“We already have a closed agreement by which we commit to Gavi continuing at Barcelona. There are some fringes to be resolved that will be resolved once the player turns 18, since as long as he does not do so, he cannot sign a contract longer than four years, ”said the Barcelona sports director.

Salary could be a problem for Barcelona regarding Gavi’s renewal

Before they reached a renewal agreement between the two parties, Gavi’s agent pointed out that salary was one of the most important items to resolve. His base price is 60 million euros, but he is incredibly the player with the lowest salary in the Barça squad.


The midfielder’s idea was to have a salary more or less equal to that of Pedri, who does receive more than a million euros. According to Alemany, the contract will improve the economic conditions of the midfielder, but another team could appear that doubles, triples or raises that figure in an exaggerated way, persuading the man from the palace.