The big mistake of the BOE with the champion Ivana Andrés

Ivana Andrés and her unexpected connection to Survivors in the BOE

Ivana Andres, prominent women’s soccer team captain, has been unexpectedly linked to a reality show in the latest BOE statement. A mistake that was as strange as it was improbable prompted the Official Journal to grant him an unusual connection with instead of a well-deserved sporting recognition survivor. The confusion went so far that he was credited with attending a program he had never attended.

The Higher Sports Council awarded the Royal Order of Sports Merit Gold Medal to the 23 players from the women’s team and technical team led by Jorge Vilda a few weeks ago. This award, given to him for his outstanding World Cup win, became public knowledge after it was published in the BOE. And here the confusion was revealed.

Ivana Icardi in a reference image, linked to the article about the slip-up with Ivana Andrés in the BOE.
Ivana Icardi, erroneously mentioned in the BOE instead of Ivana Andrés.

The unusual cross between Ivana Andrés and the Survivors contestant

The list of winners instead of highlighting them first Ivana Andres SanzCaptain and symbol of the national team surprised by the naming Ivana Icardi RiveroArgentinian participant of Survivors 2020. An obvious mistake that caught the attention of locals and strangers considering how prominent the name is on the list.

Although Ivana Icardi has close ties to football as the sister of famous striker Mauro Icardi, she mostly owes her fame in Spain to her time on the aforementioned reality show. Additionally, her past relationships and participation in other programs have kept her in the public spotlight far from the sports sphere to which Ivana Andrés belongs.

The media response and subsequent corrections

It wasn’t long before the bug went viral, sparking a wave of comments and memes on social media. The confusion has once again highlighted the importance of verifying information before it is officially released. Many wonder how such a strict body could make a mistake of this magnitude.

For its part, the BOE was not long in waiting to correct, although the episode had already taken on a life of its own in the collective imagination. Beyond the correction, what remains is the memory of one of the strangest and most commented errors in the recent history of Spanish official publications.

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