The Biden administration is aware of the takeover of Kabul by the Taliban

WASHINGTON: An American magazine revealed that the Biden government was aware of the Taliban takeover of Kabul and said that on July 13 diplomats had written a memo to the Foreign Minister warning of a speedy takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

The State Department reported that the State Department had informed the Biden government about the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, and several diplomats wrote a warning memorandum to the Secretary of State on July 13.

The US magazine said the memorandum warned of the Taliban’s rapid occupation of Afghanistan and suggested that the State Department should take a firm stand against the Taliban.

Diplomats had also suggested the immediate withdrawal of the Americans from Afghanistan. Biden had said on July 8 that the Taliban had no hope of taking control of Afghanistan. Biden had also ruled out the possibility of chaos in Afghanistan on July 8.

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden said that 15,000 US citizens are still present in Afghanistan. If the evacuation is not completed, US forces will remain in Kabul after August 31. The Taliban prevent Afghan citizens from leaving the country.

Biden said that according to the intelligence report, there was a fear that the Taliban would occupy Kabul by the end of the year, the Afghan government and army are responsible for the rapid success of the Taliban, it is not known how to evacuate without chaos. .

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